The idea of establishing the A.M.A.L. association ( Amal des Malades Attients de Lucémie) for Leukemia patients was presented in 2011 in Marrakesh, led by a group of Leukemia patients.
The mission and the vision of the association is mainly psychological, moral and financial support in order to improve medical treatment in cancer wards and medical conditions in Morocco in general. One of the most important goals of the association is to enable proper and effective treatment for cancer patients, regardless of their social level.
The branch « AMAL, Casablanca-Settat » was created in 2017 for the mere reason that it holds the largest number of Leukemia patients in the country, specifically in Ibnu Rochd University Hospital and private clinics. This branch facilitates communication between patients with their families and hospital centers.

AMAL Association Casablanca-Settat’s branch organized remote awareness campaigns organized by specialists to benefit and assist patients in their homes, especially during the lockdown of coronavirus. Before that they used to organize awareness school days with general practitioners focused on the early diagnosis of Leukemia, both in Casablanca and Settat.
In Casablanca-Settat, AMAL association’s branch organizes blood drives throughout the year, and during the lockdown they realized that lots of people refrained from giving blood since there were strict regulations preventing them from going out. Consequently, they organized a blood drive in collaboration with the hospital and the transfusion center of Settat city, where they provided round trip transportation for donors and kept their records while abiding by the laws of social distancing, disinfection, wearing facemasks and providing solution for hand disinfection. Also, they respected the terms of maximum numbers in any given waiting room and they worked with batches of a small numbers of people that they could control both in Settat and Casablanca.

Annually, each 22th September, AMAL Association celebrates the World CML Day (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) with all the members of the association from different cities of Morocco: Marrakech, Settat, Casablanca, Fes, Meknès, Errachadia, Khenifra, Benimellal, Tamellalt, El Kalaa, Bouznika, Al Hoceima, Ouarzazate, Rabat, Salé, Machaa Belkssiri, Berrechid, Essaouira and others. And therefore, the Casablanca-Settat branch organized an intercultural awareness day in collaboration with the national board of the association, that took place in the cultural complex of Settat city, in the presence of a group of specialist doctors in blood diseases and psychological support.

The members came with their families to participate in the World CML Day, to understand what it is about and how they can help each other during the treatment and monitoring process. The program of the day consisted of two lectures: The first one was with Dr Mohamed Zaidani, hematologist in Hassan II hospital of Settat, the second one was with Dr Mohamed El Habib El Ouerdi, psychologist. The national CML community had the chance to ask whatever questions they had. They also had an “Art Therapy” workshop together and as you can see in pictures, we do have talented members.

When asking the president of the Casablanca-Settat branch, Madam Amal Hrim, she expressed her passion towards the work made by the staff, the contributions of everyone and said that visiting the art exhibition of Settat Cultural Complex which was the place where the group held the event, was a mere projection for the ideology of healing, inclusiveness of the patients and their families as well as the community coming together.
Seeing all the families having fun with the Issawa troupe, while sharing each other’s stories about Leukemia. That day was rich in emotions and each person went home with a load of positive energy, and a heart filled with love and hope as the president of the Casablanca-Settat branch Madam Amal Hrim expressed.

The vision of AMAL association on the long term, as one of the leading associations in Morocco
for leukaemia patients, is to reach a broader network of patients, and provide them with proper and efficient health treatment. As well as providing cancer treatement centers in cities nearby Casablablanca like Settat, Mohamedia, El jadida etc in order to reduce the pressure of the boarding capacity of Ibnu Rochd Hospital.

Their vision is to reach the vulnerable patients and raise awareness in the kingdom, for early checkups, how to deal with the illness and restoring hope in the moroccan community.

« This interview was conducted by Safouan CHALOUAH and written
by Omaima DOUKKANE »